Best Free to Play Games for Download in 2022

There are so many free to play games (F2P) available today that it may be hard deciding which ones are worth downloading. Thankfully, we tested hundreds of free games to save you time. Check out our top choices!

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Raid Shadow Legends

Raid Shadow Legends is a dark fantasy role-playing game with several modes to enjoy. The free-to-play game is available for Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS devices. You can connect to your account on any device and continue from your last progress. While many modes let you play on your own, there are some PvP arenas.

Genre: RPG, Turn-based, fantasy
Platform: Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Web Browser

Missions, Campaigns, Challenges, and More

One stunning feature of Raid Shadow Legends is how much game activity there is. The tutorial shows you the ropes of playing the turn-based missions. However, you’ll unlock many other modes once you’re done with the introduction. These include Campaign, Dungeons, Faction Wars, Arena, Clan Bosses, and Doom Tower.

You can only access some of those modes at specific character levels. There are daily, weekly, and seasonal quests to complete, which means the rewards are neverending. Icons around the screen boundaries have flashing icons if there are news or updates for your attention, but you’ll want to start with the main missions.

Unlocking and Upgrading Buildings

The main hub of Raid Shadow Legends shows your home or fortress. There are a few buildings available for you to unlock and upgrade. When you do, you’ll have more abilities and tools to use to make your champions more potent in the battles. It’s impressive how much content there is in this free-to-play game.

Summoning Champions

You’ll need powerful champions in Raid Shadow Legends if you want to pass the more challenging modes. There’s a portal that gives you access to new heroes. However, you’ll need shards and in-game currency to unlock them. This system leads towards making real purchases if you want to overpower your opponents.

Our Thoughts

Raid Shadow Legends is an outstanding online RPG game with beautiful fantasy elements. For those who like challenging others, you can head to the PvP arenas. We enjoy completing missions and quests, and we’ll happy to see just how many rewards we receive for those modes. Unfortunately, you do end up grinding missions for shards and other items eventually.

Impressive selection of missions and modes
Stunning graphics on all platforms
Integration of account
Includes PvP arenas
Can upgrade buildings and champions
Leads toward reward grinding
Stronger champions may depend on in-game transactions
Raid Shadow Legends
Raid Shadow Legends

Game of Thrones: Winter Is Coming

Game of Thrones: Winter Is Coming is an adventure strategy game based on the popular fantasy TV series. You have the option of playing the fantasy title on the desktop browser or by downloading the PC or Mac app.

Genre: Adventure, Strategy, Role Playing, Arcade
Platform: Windows, Mac, Web Browser

Detailed Storyline

From the moment you start the tutorial, you’ll realize that the game links to the television series’s first season. After Lord Ned Stark’s death, you become ruler of Westeros. Familiar faces will greet you with grace and guidance while they regale you with quests that you need to undertake.

There are three quest arcs for you to follow. The story quests aid you in unlocking plot elements and increasing your rulership. The main quests consist of gameplay mechanics, such as upgrading buildings and training units. Finally, the alliance tab reveals timed missions to complete for your online clan.

Strategy and Building Management

The story may feel like a side element at times when construction and fighting take center stage. While you’ll rarely see your alliance members in action, working together is essential to rising quickly in the ranks. It helps that clan tabs link to Discord community servers in most cases.

There are many various gameplay elements at work in this free-to-play strategy game. Besides building and crafting, there are real-time battles in which you can participate. You’ll also need to allocate points to your character to unlock battle and production skills.

Our Thoughts

Game of Thrones: Winter Is Coming is one of the best free PC games that provides top quality graphics with a detailed story. While building management takes the lead, you’ll also take on other armies to prove your leadership skills. You can enjoy the game alone or join forces with other online players.

Excellent online strategy elements
Official TV show characters
Immersive story
Fantastic graphic detail
Online alliances
The browser version lags sometimes
Gameplay becomes repetitive
Game of Thrones: Winter Is Coming
Game of Thrones: Winter Is Coming

War Robots

War Robots is a free third-person shooter game initially developed for mobile as a MOBA title but now also available for PC. It features players entering battle-tech robots, facing off against other online gamers in a battle arena. You can upgrade the machines and attachments to be more powerful as you progress.

Genre: Third-person shooter, MOBA, battle tanks
Platform: Windows, Mac, Android, iOS

Choose a Mech and Go Battle

When you first enter this free-to-play arena, you’ll go straight into the battlefield. The objective is to either capture all locations indicated on the map or destroy all your opponents. With the weaponry on your mech, the latter option is usually the way to go.

With each victory comes rewards. You’ll use the in-game currencies to make your mech stronger or buy new attachments. As with most free games, you can use real money to speed up the process.

Upgrading Tech and Parts

You can head to the in-game store to buy new parts or upgrade current ones. It makes your weaponry stronger, which is what you’ll need against the other online gamers. At least the map shows you where the enemies are, so you can head right towards them and blast away.

Building a Mech Empire

There are slots at your base where you can add new mech bots to join you in battle. You’ll find many varieties, and each one has a unique combat system. When you’re in the War Robots battle arena, enter the pause menu if you want to switch from one robot to another.

Our Thoughts

War Robots is easy to master, and you’ll love unlocking new mech robots to challenge your opponents. There’s only an online multiplayer mode, so don’t expect any detailed story in this free-to-play game. It’s the most fun you’ll have in a robot eliminating everyone in your path.

Intense battle action
Can easily see your opponents
Winning by elimination is easy
Plenty of parts and robots to unlock
Aim and shoot mechanics
Limited gameplay
No story mode
War Robots
War Robots

War Thunder

If you’re looking for an online multiplayer game that’s free-to-play and combines vehicles from World of Tanks, Warplanes, and Warships, then War Thunder is perfect for you. Take to the skies, sea, or land in this war simulation shooter game.

Genre: Action, Simulation, Combat, Third-person Shooter
Platform: Windows, Mac

Choose Your Weapon

If you’re a war game fan, you’re going to love this title. War Thunder starts by asking you with which vehicle type you’d like to begin. You can choose between the air force, navy, or land divisions.

You’ll also need to select which country’s army you want to join before heading to the hangar. There’s a detailed tutorial for each division, split into chapters. It’s recommended that you work through all of them before taking the battle online.

Mixture Of Realism And Fun

You’ll find this online shooting game entertaining, while there could be some frustration awaiting you. The difficulty is progressive, but that’s if you can get used to the flight or tank controls. There’s also a complex research tree with so many tech branches that you may get lost deciding which one to upgrade next.

Virtual Reality

While the game is available on PC and Mac, you can immerse yourself further into the scenery with virtual reality. It’s compatible with HTC Vive and Oculus Rift. If you feel the standard graphics and sound are impressive, wait until you see it with a headset over your eyes.

Our Thoughts

All of the war combat elements combine for a realistic action shooter that will either leave you frustrated or celebrating. If you don’t suffer from motion sickness, throw on a VR headset to feel like you’re right there in the middle of the battlefield.

Realistic graphics and gameplay
Can play in virtual reality
Intense multiplayer battles
Tutorial missions
Progressive difficulty
Complicated tech research tree
Steep gameplay learning curve
War Thunder
War Thunder


If you love World War II free-to-play games with open, multiplayer settings in a first-person shooting genre, then Enlisted may just be for you. The available platforms include PS4 and PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and Windows. It handles up to four people in a squad, while up to 50 players can enter a battle.

Choose your Battle

Enlisted features several Campaign stories where you get to relive some WWII battles. You’ll pick which side you want to fight for, while you’ll have a squad of bots to command. As you play the match, you’ll either need to advance or defend, making your way through various objectives.

While it feels like there’s more linear movement than open-world mayhem like in Battle Royale titles, the experience is still exhilarating. However, it does feel at times like the bot/human balance isn’t quite right, and it depends on how well your team performs as a whole instead of individual perfection.

Various Classes and Battles

There are 12 classes from which you can choose in Enlisted, giving you plenty of variety over competitor titles. You’ll enjoy several World War II weapons and equipment, while you can also level up your troops according to a skill tree. While there are also aircraft and tanks to enjoy, the diversity with the machinery is limited.

Fight your Way to the Front

The class you select will have specific tasks they can perform. As an engineer, you can fortify positions, such as crafting gun nests. There are specific troops that can handle advanced weaponry, such as flamethrowers. It all depends on your approach to the battle.

Our Thoughts

Enlisted brings extreme mayhem to your platform of choice, but it does miss out on some of the more open-world features that are in Call of Duty online games. Still, it delivers an intense experience that will make you feel like you’re in the thick of WWII.

Realistic WWII gameplay
Vast selection of troops
Soldier progression system
Superb graphics and effects
Limited range of vehicles
The human/bot ratio isn’t always well-balanced

League of Angels: Heaven's Fury

League of Angels: Heaven's Fury is part of the Esprit Games Center, which you’ll need to download if you want to play the free-to-play action MMORPG. Following on the heels of League of Legends, you’ll take your character across several battles as you receive loot and upgrade to become stronger.

Fantasy Battles

The one enticing element of League of Angels: Heaven's Fury is the fantasy aspect in the design and battles. You have several heroes you can choose from, each along the warrior, mage, and archer paths. You’ll begin at level 1, making your way up the tiers as you fight and progress.

When you enter a battle, your character automatically moves and engages with enemies. There are some skills and items you can select, giving you only some control of the progress. If you want more engagement, it lets you switch off auto-mode, but there’s still little for you to do but watch.

Plenty of Stats

If you’re a fan of stats in games, League of Angels: Heaven's Fury has plenty of them. They can be overwhelming for newcomers who have to sift through the information to see which ones are vital. You can check the details of your gear sets, mounts, augments, refinements, enhancements, upgrades…. You get the picture.

Receiving Rewards

While there’s certainly some progression in League of Angels: Heaven's Fury, it’s limited by daily loot rewards. The game encourages you to purchase premium items to level up faster instead of sitting through the daily grind. There are some event wheels and multipliers to assist you on your way, though.

Our Thoughts

League of Angels: Heaven's Fury provides an enjoyable experience if you’re looking for flashy gameplay with battles and powers erupting all over your screen. As a free-to-play model, you’ll work long and hard to reach the levels of other players unless you pay for upgrades.

Intriguing fantasy battles
Daily rewards
Engaging characters and missions
Leveling system with perks and abilities
Stats can be overwhelming
Limited control of characters
League of Angels: Heaven's Fury
League of Angels: Heaven's Fury

Forge of Empires

InnoGames first launched this online strategy game for mobile apps and desktop browsers in 2012. Forge of Empires is similar to other fantasy titles such as Elvenar and Tribal Wars 2. It combines RTS and turn-based elements, setting you against the environment and online players.

Genre: Strategy, Citybuilding Game, Browser Game, Turn-based
Platform: Windows, ‎Mac‎, ‎iOS‎, Web Browser

Building A Nation

Forge of Empires has a short tutorial, taking you through a few quests before letting you have complete control. You’ll start with building structures and training units. The larger your town grows, the more research points and resources become available.

You spend a considerable amount of time clicking on production buildings and homes, collecting gold and wares. Of course, you can use unique gems to manage it for you, if you can afford to buy them. If you’d like to expand the construction area, you can purchase any of the adjacent plots.

Conquering Time And Space

You have the opportunity to head to the map and conquer neighboring lands. Each province provides you with a steady flow of resources. It’s in these battles where turn-based strategy rules, as you’ll take turns fighting it out with the resident NPC soldiers.

Terrible Neighbors

One of the most significant factors is joining a guild as quickly as possible. Other online players enjoy attacking unprotected towns. You may log off one evening, just to return the next day to a pillaged village.

Our Thoughts

While there are many single-player elements, you’ll feel the sting of the multiplayer aspect as opponents bombard you with attacks. You’ll need determination and a strong alliance to enjoy Forge of Empires.

Turn-based strategy
PvP and PvE action
Detailed research tree
Progressive advancement
Online guilds
Slightly repetitive gameplay
Forge of Empires
Forge of Empires


If you’re into vehicular mayhem in a massively multiplayer online arena, you should give Crossout a try. You can download it for PC, PS4, and Xbox One, depending on where you’d like to enter the worldwide battles. There’s a solo mode where you can battle it out with bots or take the action online with up to 8 players in multiplayer.

Vehicular Mayhem

The primary charm of Crossout is that you can build your own vehicle. You have a garage where you can see the specs of your machine and which parts you’d like to install. Once you have your configuration sorted, you can head out to a lobby and join a battle.

For the best experience on PC, you should add an Xbox controller. The controls are challenging to manage on the keyboard, and there are several keys you’ll need to manage during a massive battle. Still, it creates an outstanding experience that’s hard to forget.

Set up your Vehicle

The trick to powering up and defeating others is customizing your vehicle. As you level up and win rewards, you’ll find parts and weapons you can add to your machine. However, it can be challenging placing them in the right locations, but at least you’ll have better defense and more firepower.

Realistic Physics

To make the experience realistic, Crossout has some detailed physics in the game. Larger vehicles will move slower on the battlefield. So, while you’ll have more protection, you’re also an easier target. When someone shoots parts of your machine off, you’ll feel the difference in handling and performance.

Our Thoughts

Crossout is an intense MMO game that will have you laughing, screaming, and blasting for hours. Building your vehicle brings such satisfaction after several days of defeating your opponents, you won’t want to stop. However, there’s a steep learning curve at the start.

Plenty of vehicles and weapons
Customize your machine for war
Solo and multiplayer modes
Factions to join
Realistic gameplay
PC needs more storage as you advance
Slow in-game progress
Plays best with a controller than a keyboard

Global City

Global City is a free building simulation game where you develop your own city. Much like SimCity BuildIt, there are specific factories that produce the resources you need for other structures. The larger your city becomes, the more resources you’ll need to run the game on your device.

Genre: Building simulator, resource management
Platform: Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Web Browser

Building a City

The main goal of Global City is to develop a city as the new mayor. You’ll start with a few missions to get the hang of the gameplay, setting structures, and making resources. You won’t have much choice in what to build at first, as you’ll need to align with the quests.

You’ll also reach a stage where you need to upgrade buildings to provide you with more resources or increase the population. There are daily rewards for beginners to help you along at the start. You can also unlock new land to expand your city.

Daily Tasks

To help you know which buildings to create or upgrade next, there’s a quest panel on the side. It will constantly supply you with missions so you can progress in the main storyline. You’ll see green ticks appear when you’ve completed the quest, but you may need to make some resources first.

Keep Factories Busy

The one aspect of Global City that will keep you busy in this free-to-play game is enabling tasks in the factories. You do reach upgraded levels where the process becomes automated. Until then, you’ll need to click on the appropriate building and tell the workers what to make for your next project.

Our Thoughts

Global City is an entertaining game that will keep you busy for days. If you don’t become bored with the daily constructions and tapping, you’ll see there are plenty of buildings to unlock. When you reach the later stages, the more advanced buildings may take several hours to complete.

Fun building simulation elements
Resources arrive quickly in the beginning
Daily tasks keep you busy
Beautiful visuals and colors
Large variety of buildings
The idle nature might not keep you interested for long
More advanced buildings take long to complete
Global City
Global City